Our Process

Because each client brings their unique personality, vision, and aesthetics to the table, our approach to event planning is both evolutionary and collaborative. Through us you will be introduced to an incredible array of vendors. We have worked with some of the best in the business in floral design, photography, entertainment and catering. With plan in place we will flawlessly orchestrate the creative and logistical efforts to design a personal, bespoke event.

We are committed to utilizing our collective knowledge and experience to craft a refined, original event that lives on long after its final note.

- Lynn Easton Andrews

To continually create unparalleled events we are driven to consistently streamline and elevate our process. To that end, we developed Easton Management Systems ™, a proprietary custom-built and comprehensive set of event management tools with interactive communications and tailored applications. This system is fully integrated with shared files for client updates, timetables, vendor communication and task lists. All of this happens in your own dedicated "workspace" on the web.